Research Tools contain information in the form of articles of new developments in your discipline area.  It is a valuable resource if you want to be in touch with new trends and new findings which you can incorporate in your course.  By knowing the author experts in your field you can elaborate on your network connections as well.  Most of these precious articles can be found in any modern library.


Analytical Tools are the very essence of the Information Society‚Äôs Data-Driven Culture.  This set of tools will not only sharpen your skills in finding data sources but also enrich your imagination on how to demonstrate a theory, a new concept, a hard to understand segments of a curriculum. The Data Visualization Tools is your show-tell companion to demonstrating


I have done away with the complicated multi-step approach to course design and delivery using the easiest to configure web tool called Readymag, an app I learned within a week being an Instructional Designer.  Using a Template I designed, Professors can now simply input their course contents and URL's of Augmented and Virtual Realities in the predesigned R/M template and use it in a Smart Classroom.  Hang in there Professors and I'll strive to make your Teaching life much easier.


LMS is short for Learning Management Systems.  LMS wraps everything in Digitized Courses from Student Enrollment, Uploading Course Description, Assignments, Individual Projects, Group Projects, Class Schedule, Project Submission, Pre-Classroom Activities, Grading, Chat and Course Evaluation.  These are the most popular  LMS and all of the above features are included in all these LMS.  It is simply a matter of choice.